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American Reds

Director - Richard Wormser
Run Time - 86 minutes
Languages - English
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2015
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- African-American Studies, American Studies, Business, Civil Rights, Cold War Era, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Economics, Globalization, History (U.S.), History (World), Human Rights, Jewish Studies, Labor Studies, Law & Legal Studies, Literature, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Urban Studies, Vietnam, World War II

Institutional DVD Price: $195

Weaving powerful and compelling personal stories told by American Communists with objective historical sources and analysis, American Reds: “What Must We Dream Of?” illuminates the epic story of the rise and fall of the American Communist Party.

Between 1920 and 1960, more than one million men and women joined the Party to fight for the emancipation of American workers from economic tyranny and plutocracy, for the freedom of minorities from racism and sexism, for the defense of America from fascism, and for the ultimate creation of a radiant society based on freedom, equality, justice, and fraternity. Yet, despite its vision, the Party was blind to the horror's of Stalin's Soviet Union, to which it had aligned itself.

American Reds features never before seen interviews by Richard Wormser of notable Party members such as Gus Hall, Henry Winston, Anne Burlak Timpson, Robert Schrank, and Steve Nelson; rare footage from the Moscow archives; and interviews with scholars such as Glenda Gilmore, Beverly Gage, Harvey Klehr, John Haynes, Vivian Gornick, and Eric Arnesen.

Professors of both U.S. and social history will find a valuable teaching tool in American Reds. The program provides a perspective on the past that few Americans are aware of while raising a number of key issues concerning social change, idealism, ideology, and the nature of our economic and political system that continue to remain vital issues in contemporary America.

"'American Reds' is a valuable primer into the tragic turn of events that betrayed the hopes and aspirations of everyday working people during the great confrontation between capitalism and communism in the early 20th century. It's an important addition to public television's mission to throw light on obscured corners of our history and on the forgotten people lost in the shadows." - Bill Moyers