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The Best of Gay Britain
Three films on three discs in a packaged box set

259 minutes total, fiction, color, English, 1996-1999
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Featuring three gay hits from across the pond:

A film by Neil Hunter & Tom Hunsinger

Three gay male couples, each at varying stages of couplehood, converge on a beautiful English country house for a supposedly relaxing Easter weekend. What ensues is a witty exploration of gay relationships in the 90's.

Like It Is
A film by Paul Oremland

London's gay club world comes alive in this sexy drama about two young men--one a bare-knuckle fighter and the other an ambitious record producer--who fall in love, despite enormously different backgrounds. Steve Bell gives an unforgettable performance as the Blackpool fighter who is struggling with his sexual identity, Ian Rose plays the ultra-cool urbanite who knows everybody, and Roger Daltrey (of The Who) is wickedly funny as Ian's bitchy boss. Romantic, honest, and above all, entertaining, Like It Is offers an enjoyable and positive look at gay life rarely seen in films.

The Wolves of Kromer
Directed by Will Gould, Written and Produced by Charles Lambert, Narrated by Boy George

In the cozy English village of Kromer, where few things are as feared as the werewolves who wander the surrounding forests and fields, two handsome wolves, Seth and Gabriel, meet and fall in love. No smelly pelts here: Seth and "Gabs" look more like fashion models than Lon Chaney Jr.

Disc Features

●  Behind-the-Scenes Footage
●  Cast Interviews
●  Director & Writer Commentary
●  Bonus Short Film: Achilles

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