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A film by Dariush Mehrjui

117 minutes, fiction, color, Farsi w/ English subtitles, 1990

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Hamoun is a psychological comedy/drama about a bumbling Iranian intellectual, Hamid Hamoun. Trying and failing to complete a philosophical tract on love, Hamoun cannot seem to convince his wife Mashid, who is a successful artist, to love him either. Hamoun's refusal to accept reality, or grant Mashid a divorce, is both character study and metaphor for a condition of modern urban life in Iran.

In 1997, Hamoun was voted the best Iranian film ever made by a survey of Iranian film critics. The Cow had previously held that honor.


"A pulsating and richly human story." - The Hollywood Reporter

"An extraordinary blend of comedy and despair, philosophical musing, bold cultural analysis and acerbic social satire." - New York Press

"Well-wrought, beautifully acted... Mehrjui's most stylistically ambitious film."
- Los Angeles Times

Disc Features

●  Film Notes by Godfrey Cheshire
●  Director Biography
●  Photo Gallery
●  Iranian Trailer Gallery

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