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Internationale, The

A film by Peter Miller

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The Internationale chronicles the fascinating history of the legendary song written in 1871, after the brutal suppression of the Paris Commune. This rallying cry for all the oppressed and exploited people of the world to rise up and overthrow their masters was soon to be translated and sung in over a hundred languages throughout the world.

Featuring rare archival footage and performances and interviews with the likes of Billy Bragg and Pete Seeger, The Internationale explores the importance of ideals, the fate of the left, and the power of music as a force for change.

WINNER! Best Documentary- Woodstock International Film Festival

Nominated for IDA Outstanding Documentary Achievement Awards in three categories

Short-listed for Academy Award for Best Short Documentary

What the Critics are Saying

"It might be the only song to change the world."
- Prof. Robin D.G. Kelley, University of Southern California

"A beautiful documentary that shows the part music plays in social change."
- The Michigan Observer

"Incredible archival footage. Pete Seeger brings to this emotional story of tragedy, revolution and betrayal a wonderful and laid back touch." - The Spectator (Raleigh-Durham)

"This wonderful documentary brilliantly recreates the history, memory, and meanings of a song that has shaped the imagination and practice of internationalism for over a century. Exceptionally compelling!" - Radical History Review

"Striking! Absorbing history." - Michigan Daily

"A tour de force. It tells us something important about the history of the twentieth century as it was lived by millions of committed, enthusiastic, idealistic men and women. It also tells us something about the suffering inflicted in the name of that vision. It is a truly moving film." - Political Communication Journal


Read director Peter Miller's blog on The Huffington Post.

Features and Specifications

Bonus materials:
  • Short Film: Toscanini: Hymn of the Nations
  • A Brief History of “The Internationale”
  • Director Biography
  • Photo Gallery

Format: DVD
Running Time: 30 minutes + 31 min. bonus film
Color: Color & B/W
Language: English

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