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Praying With Lior

Director - Ilana Trachtman
Run Time - 87 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2007
Genre - Documentary
Educational Interest- Adolescence, Anthropology, Disability Studies, Family Relations, Jewish Studies, Religion

College/University DVD Price: $295
K-12 Schools & Religious Organizations DVD Price: $195

The winner of numerous Audience Awards for Best Documentary, Praying with Lior asks whether someone with Down syndrome can be a “spiritual genius.”  Many believe Lior is close to God -- at least that's what his family and community believe -- though he’s also a burden, a best friend, an inspiration and an embarrassment, depending on who is asked and when. As this moving and entertaining documentary moves to its climax, Lior must pass through the gateway to manhood - his Bar Mitzvah.
"Critic’s Pick! Beautiful....This triumphant little movie leaps from good to great....a small miracle!"- Washington Post

"Moving and beautifully made…celebrates family love, the Jewish religion, and a very special and ‘up’ young man.  Highly  recommended!”  - Caron Knauer, EMRO

Disc 1: Feature Film Presentation (88 minutes) Bonus Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Filmmaker Biography, Educational Resources (24 minutes)

Disc 2: Educational Special Features Extra Scene – “Creating Room in God’s House” (11 min) Classroom-Ready Video Units - “Family Dynamics” (12 min) “Inclusion” (10 min), “Bar Mitzvah” (15 min)

Spanish sub-titles, video descriptions, closed-captioning on both discs.

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