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The Other Man: F.W. de Klerk and the End of Apartheid
A film by Nicolas Rossier

75 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

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It could have been a bloodbath of historic proportions. But instead, one man made the end of apartheid possible: in February 1990, President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the African National Congress and ordered the release of Nelson Mandela. As the world celebrated, Mandela would go on to become South Africa's first democratically elected president - with de Klerk as his deputy President.

But de Klerk's history is complicated. A virulent defender of white Africans and their privileges, he helped lead the fight against ANC activists. And his own presidency was marred by violence, often at the hands of security forces he controlled. What pushed this man to reverse his beliefs and jumpstart the process of making South Africa a more equal and just nation?

Featuring in-depth interviews with de Klerk, former president Thabo Mbeki, anti-apartheid activists Father Michael Lapsley and Mathews Phosa, Richard Goldstone and many others, director Nicolas Rossier explores the fascinating political journey and legacy of this complex figure.

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"Fascinating. Tracks de Klerk's prickly relationship with Nelson Mandela in abolishing almost a half-century of official oppression." - The New York Times

"Informative, provocative, and unsettling. Highly recommended for anyone interested in history, justice, and complex moral figures." - Film Forward

"Commendably even-handed." - Variety

"Powerful, solidly crafted...the political life it maps out fascinates." - The Village Voice

"A gripping and nuanced examination of a transformative figure in history. With a resurgence of debates about the legacies of racism and growing inequality, this timely film offers an unflinching look into the shadows of our past." - Matthew Kustenbauder, Research Fellow, Harvard University


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Disc Features

●  20 years after Apartheid (Discussion with Thabo Mbeki, Max Dupree & F.W. de Klerk)
●  The Quantum Leap Speech (About de Klerk's famous speech, February 2, 1990)
●  Vox Populi (Street interviews about the legacy of Mandela and de Klerk)

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