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Director - Chen Kuo-fu
Run Time - 104 minutes
Language - Mandarin w/English subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 1999
Genre - Foreign Drama

Educational Interest- China, Cinema Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Du, an attractive and successful doctor places a personal ad in a newspaper to try to meet (and eventually marry) Mr. Right. A succession of blind dates ensues, featuring men who are lonely, desperate, dangerous, perverted or all of the above.


From a tightfisted businessman to a shy writer who brings his mother to a shoe fetishist and a pimp looking for call girls, Du meets them all and patiently listens to their stories. What they don't know is that Du has a mysterious ex-lover who may (or may not) be the man she truly seeks.


Honored at the Cannes Film Festival, The Personals' Rene Liu gives a lustrous performance as the complicated, strong-willed woman navigating through a world of thwarted dreams and endless longing.


"Witty and poignant, Rene Liu is a delight!" - New York Post