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Peter Brook: The Tightrope
A film by Simon Brook

83 minutes, documentary, color, 2013
In English & French w/ English subtitles
DVD Temporarily Unavailable



Peter Brook is one of the world's most respected and revolutionary directors of contemporary theatre. To help his actors achieve extraordinary performances, he has a special exercise, 'the Tightrope,' that evolved over decades of experimentation and practice into a process of transformation that revitalizes the theatrical experience for actor and audience alike. In this unique film, director Simon Brook - Peter's son - reveals how 'the Tightrope' works its dramatic alchemy.

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"A concise new documentary offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes...the audience has a sense of witnessing intimate moments rather than watching a performance. Peter Brook's interest has always been in the ritual roots and mythical resonances of the theater, and the idea of acting he articulates in 'The Tightrope' has a primal, even mystical tenor. He speaks of access to a collective brain, of grasping the essence of time and of the ways the theater can offer a heightened experience of life." - The New York Times

"CRITIC'S PICK! For the past 50-plus years, Brook refused to allow rehearsals to be filmed. 'The Tightrope,' however, changes this. Throughout the film Brook offers himself as a teacher whose goal is to help his students discover brief, ephemeral moments of bliss."
- The Village Voice

"The Tightrope' is one heck of a master-class; it's also one really revealing window into why Peter Brook's legend in the theater is such a large one." - NPR


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INTERVIEW: The New York Times Presents TimesTalks: A Conversation with Peter Brook, 1/30/14

INTERVIEW: Director Peter Brook on "Peter Brook: The Tightrope" - The Charlie Rose Show, 1/30/14


Disc Features

●  A Balancing Act: The Actors
●  Photo Gallery
●  Optional French/Spanish subtitles

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