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Director - Al Reinert
Run Time - 92 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2013
Genre - Documentary
Educational Interests - Biographies/Profiles, Justice, Law & Legal Studies

Institutional DVD Price: $295


From Oscar-nominated director Al Reinert, An Unreal Dream is the terrifying true story of Michael Morton, who spent over two decades in Texas prisons for a crime he didn't commit.


In 1986, Christine Morton was brutally murdered in front of their only child. After Michael was accused and convicted his son Eric, only three at the time, was raised by family members and eventually cut off all contact with the father he believed had killed his mother.


The Innocence Project, in partnership with John Raley, a Texas attorney working on his first ever criminal case, spent years fighting for DNA testing and investigating possible prosecutorial misconduct in Michael's case. Twenty-five years after the murder, DNA analysis of a bloody blue bandana found near the crime scene not only cleared Michael, but yielded a hit on a known felon who has since been charged with the murder of Christine Morton, along with the murder of another young woman two years later.


Upon his release in late 2011, Michael riveted the outside world with his lack of bitterness or anger.  Instead, he reached out to his estranged son, and focused his newfound freedom on the fight for reform.  An Unreal Dream tells his story, and sheds needed light on America's flawed criminal justice system.




"A powerful story of pain, injustice, redemption, and reconciliation." - Huffington Post


"Recounts an outrageous miscarriage of justice without a trace of manufactured melodrama or visual hyperbole. The film's rivetingly straightforward style of storytelling is a perfect match for its subject. An inspiring tale of spiritual uplift, sympathetically detailing how religious faith gave Morton the strength to endure, and the mercy to forgive."- Variety


"Makes very real an innocent man's nightmare through a cruel and broken justice system that stole his freedom, his relationship with his son and, nearly, his spirit."- Houston Chronicle


"An extraordinary film... ultimately a story of transcendence."- Austin-American Statesman


"Morton's character fills this all-too-familiar story of injustice and absolution with a uniquely generous, moving spirit."- Austin Chronicle