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An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story
A film by Al Reinert

92 minutes, color, English, 2013
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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"Our procedure has been always haunted by the ghost of the innocent man convicted. It is an unreal dream."
- Justice Learned Hand, 1923

In 1986 Michael Morton's wife Christine is brutally murdered in front of their only child, and Michael is convicted of the crime.  Locked away in Texas prisons for a quarter century, estranged from his son, he has years to ponder questions of justice and innocence, truth and fate.  Though he is virtually invisible to society, the Innocence Project and Michael's pro bono attorney spend years fighting for the right to test DNA evidence found at the murder scene.  Their discoveries ultimately reveal that the price of a wrongful conviction goes well beyond one man's loss of freedom.

Director Al Reinert is a two-time Academy Award nominee, as a documentary filmmaker (For All Mankind, which won the documentary Jury and Audience Awards when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1989) and as a screenwriter (Apollo 13).


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"The stunning, infuriating tale of Michael Morton. Al Reinert, the film's director, tells the tale beautifully, via sparse interviews with Mr. Morton, his lawyers, his fellow inmates and, most movingly, jurors who imposed the wrongful verdict and the young son whose childhood Mr. Morton missed. The film isn't didactic; it lets you build to outrage on your own." - The New York Times

"A powerful story of pain, injustice, redemption, and reconciliation." - Huffington Post

"Recounts an outrageous miscarriage of justice without a trace of manufactured melodrama or visual hyperbole.  The film's rivetingly straightforward style of storytelling is a perfect match for its subject. An inspiring tale of spiritual uplift, sympathetically detailing how religious faith gave Morton the strength to endure, and the mercy to forgive." - Variety

"An unflinching look at how Morton was wrongfully convicted of murder and had his only son disown him."- Associated Press

"Makes very real an innocent man's nightmare through a cruel and broken justice system that stole his freedom, his relationship with his son and, nearly, his spirit."- Houston Chronicle

"A gripping saga.  What is most frightening is how much effort and time it took a squad of highly motivated, expert lawyers to claw Morton out of prison, even after the truth became widely apparent. If a respected, responsible citizen like Morton can be thrown in prison for decades based on such a feeble case, the film asks, who among the rest of us can consider ourselves safe?"- PopMatters

"An extraordinary film...ultimately a story of transcendence."- Austin American Statesman

"Morton's character fills this all-too-familiar story of injustice and absolution with a uniquely generous, moving spirit."- Austin Chronicle

"This is one of the most poignant and provocative documentary features that has come along in some time."- Best Bets on DVD

"When the film ended I sat stunned, speechless, and felt there's no way I can do justice in describing the impact of this story. So, I say, 'See This Film!'"- Cinesource Magazine

Disc Features

Approximately 60 minutes of bonus material including:

●  SXSW Premiere Highlights
●  Highlights from former DA Ken Anderson's "Court of Inquiry"
●  Highlights from former DA Ken Anderson's subsequent plea deal
●  Festival Q&A with Director Al Reinert, Michael Morton, and pro bono attorney John Raley
●  "Whispering Hope" music video from the soundtrack to AN UNREAL DREAM

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