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Virgil Bliss
A film by Joe Maggio

94 minutes, fiction, color, English, 2000

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When Virgil Bliss, a mild-mannered Southerner and career criminal, is released from prison after 12 years, he finds himself on the mean streets of Brooklyn at a halfway house trying to build a new life. That's where Virgil meets Manny, a fiery troublemaker who initiates the emotionally na´ve Virgil in the ways of the world. Manny introduces Virgil to Ruby, a junkie and prostitute, and Virgil falls instantly in love.


"Powerful, terrific! Manages to approach the tense naturalism displayed in Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade and Ken Loach's My Name Is Joe" -Time Out New York

"Honest, searing. A striking film across the board." -Roughcut.com 

"Its milieu is authentic, the supporting performances are frighteningly believable, and Clint Jordan creates a tragic hero of heartbreaking nobility." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Disc Features

●  Director Commentary
●  Director Biography
●  Production Notes
●  Sundance Channel "Afterthought"

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