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"Even for those familiar with Ai and his work, the film’s offerings of fascinating insights into his personal life and an exploration of the stakes of personal freedom make it a worthy viewing shines."  - Lovia Gyarkye, The New York Times

"From the meditative, thoughtful pace of the studio footage and interviews with Haines, Ai Weiwei, his family members, and salient cultural figures, the film builds toward the completed installation which is then explored and explained with a lot of care and detail. It’s all very elegant and informative, and its on-site views are experiential and evocative. The creative dialogs throughout the film are insightful, the footage is beautiful, the biography deepens our understanding of Ai Weiwei’s process, material choices, and intentions for the work; but it’s this last part, the interviews with freed prisoners of conscience and/or with their families, that really touch the heart. By the time you get to Ai Weiwei’s sitdown with Chelsea Manning, the film has become a wholly divergent experience from where it began — an experience that if possible is even more full of persistent hope and meaningful emotion than even the landmark exhibition itself."  - Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly

"One of the great films of the year! A near-perfect look at Weiwei’s art installation that took place on Alcatraz Island. Truly magical...a must-see!"  - Steve Kopian, Unseen films

"Powerful! A moving cinematic experience and so wide-ranging a project that it is likely to appeal even to those who might not think they are interested in the famed artist."  - Barbara Pollack, ArtNews

"Inspiring! Highlights the power of the public to make a change in their societies. Seek out this great documentary for its poignant and very relevant message of persevering in your struggle no matter the cost."  - FilmNews UK

"Top 10 Docs from DOC NYC 2019! Beautifully shot. Reveals how people of conscience can make a true difference in this world."  - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Film Festival Today

"A very absorbing and valuable documentary that movingly puts Ai’s work into personal context."  - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Impassioned and inspirational! A well-paced and sweeping project, 'Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly' has a lot to offer. For fans of Ai Weiwei’s work, this is a deep-dive into his creative process and a thorough look at a memorable exhibition. The universal and emotional story about freedom and family, underlined by Ai’s own history, will also surely appeal to many."  - Gisela Levy, Picture This Post

"Uplifting and thought-provoking. A love letter – well, a postcard, to be exact – to all of the people who 'do one small thing every day to prove the existence of justice.' Its message is even more important now."  - C. J. Hirschfield,