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Director - Brosens & Woodworth
Run Time -  106 minutes
Language - Spanish, Quechua, English, French, Persian w/English subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 2010
Genre - Foreign Drama
Educational Interest- Cinema Studies, Environmental Studies, Human Rights


Institutional DVD Price: $295




High in the breathtaking, majestic Andes of Peru, silent but deadly traces of mercury – remnants of long-ago silver mining – bring illness and death to a local village. Seeking retribution, the villagers mistakenly attribute the outbreak to Western doctors who work in the mountains. Two women – the fiancé of a villager killed in the accident and the wife of a doctor murdered in the riot – are brought together in this haunting yet ravishingly beautiful film about our divided yet inextricably intertwined world.



"A powerful, visually sublime film... a beacon of contemporary auteur cinema and a universal piece of art."
- Le Soir (FRANCE)


"Its unique combination of visual grandeur and impressive music is reminiscent of Tarkovski and Terrence Malick." - Metro (UK)


"Ambitious, visually striking and thought-provoking. Cinematographer Francisco Gozon captures breathtaking images."- Screen Daily