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Blood in the Face
A Film by James Ridgeway, Anne Bohlen & Kevin Rafferty

78 minutes, color, English

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A film by James Ridgeway (political correspondent for The Village Voice), Anne Bohlen (Academy Award Nominee) & Kevin Rafferty (The Atomic Cafe) and featuring interviews by Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, Sicko).

A riveting, jaw-dropping view of America's white supremacy movement. Rare archival footage, darkly humorous interviews, and their own promotional materials bring to light the inner workings of the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, the Aryan Nation, The Order, and other radical right groups.

With a folksy, matter-of-fact certainty, the men and women here speak of imminent race wars, Armageddon, the Holocaust hoax, interracial breeding, the Christian Identity faith, the hordes of foreign troops poised to attack America, and ZOG (The Zion Occupation Government). In the wake of the Oklahoma City attack and their continuing efforts to demonize immigrants and arm themselves to the teeth, its clear the radical right are not the patriotic, bedrock Americans they claim to be, nor harmless in their lunacies either. Controversial and timely, Blood in the Face reveals a dark and dangerous side of America.


"A gutsy, scary, almost appallingly funny look at a world few of us see, from a vantage point few could imagine." -Los Angeles Times

" Truly bizarre! Without a zombie in sight, this is the best horror film in years."
-Austin Chronicle

"The filmmakers use no voice-over narration. They allow people and events to speak for
themselves. ‘Blood in the Face’ is first-rate journalism."
-The New York Times

"A raw, gutsy documentary in the tradition of Sinclair Lewis’ ‘It Can’t Happen Here’."
-SF Weekly

"The people this movie reveals with such creepy intimacy can’t quite be written off as irrelevant fanatics." -Entertainment Weekly

"The scariest movie of the year!" - New York Daily News

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