The Butterfly


Director - Philippe Muyl
Run Time - 85 minutes
Language - French with English subtitles
Format - Video
Year - 200
Genre - Foreign
THE BUTTERFLY is the story of eight-year-old Elsa (Claire Bouanich) and her mom Isabelle (Nade Dieu), who move in next to Julien (Michel Serrault), an ornery old entomologist with a lavish butterfly collection in his apartment. Her mother is hardly ever home, and Elsa soon grows attached to her neighbor. When Julien sets out on a weeklong hike in search of a rare and beautiful butterfly, Elsa hides herself in his car. Although Julien doesn’t want Elsa and her constant questions around, he begrudgingly accepts the situation and allows her to tag along with him on his expedition to the Alps, where she learns many things about the natural and the human world.

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