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Director - Allan Miller
Run Time - 52 minutes (total)
Language - English
Format - DVD

Year - 1973
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Art, Biographies/Profiles, Cultural Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195

**In Search of Cezanne is available as a special bonus feature on the The Bolero DVD. When you order either The Bolero or In Search of Cezanne, you receive both films.

In Search of Cezanne is an exploration of the life and legacy of 19th century French painter Paul Cezanne, as seen through the eyes of a young female documentary filmmaker who is just discovering his work. Traveling from New York to Paris and Cezanne's hometown in the south of France, meeting scholars and family of Cezanne at each stop, her journey is a satisfying inquiry into artistic expression and its appreciation.


America's finest music documentarian, Allan Miller has produced films involving some of the most important musical events of the last two decades. He has made 35 documentaries about music, two of which have won Academy Awards - The Bolero, and From Mao To Mozart: Isaac Stern in China - plus an Emmy-winning documentary about classical violinist Itzhak Perlman. He also directed Small Wonders, which received an Academy Award nomination and was subsequently made into the feature length movie Music of the Heart, starring Meryl Streep.



"Allan Miller is America’s foremost filmmaker of documentaries on classical music." - The New York Times