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The Cost of Living

Director - Sean Blacknell, Wayne Walsh
Run Time - 45 minutes
Language - English
Format - Digital
Year - 2020
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Business, Economics, Labor Studies, Law & Legal Studies, New Releases, Political Science, Psychology

Institutional DVD Price: $195

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Do we need a Universal Basic Income?

From the filmmaking team of "The Future of Work and Death" comes "The Cost of Living," a documentary that explores the current socio-economic state of Britain and considers how the idea of a basic income could minimize poverty and alleviate the sociological toll of a growing precarious class. The film focuses on the feasibility of a basic income, John Rawls' theory of justice, automation and ultimately asks should there still be a cost attributed to survival?

Featuring George Monbiot, David Graber, Diane Coyle, Guy Standing & Annie Miller