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Director - Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam
Run Time -  90 minutes
Language - English & Tibetan w/English subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 2007
Genre - Documentary
Educational Interest- Anthropology, Asia, Cinema Studies, History (World), Human Rights

Institutional DVD Price: $295




Karma, a Tibetan filmmaker from New York, goes to Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama's exile headquarters in northern India, to make a documentary about former political prisoners who have escaped from Tibet. She wants to reconnect with her roots but is also escaping a deteriorating relationship back home.


One of Karma's interviewees is Dhondup, an enigmatic ex-monk who has just escaped from Tibet. He confides in her that his real reason for coming to India is to fulfill his dying mother's last wish, to deliver a charm box to a long-missing resistance fighter. Karma finds herself unwittingly falling in love with Dhondup even as she is sucked into the passion of his quest, which becomes a journey into Tibet's fractured past and a voyage of self-discovery.



"For many in the West, Tibet is the last romantic place left on earth. But beyond the stately mountain ranges, saffron robes and timeless traditions lies a struggle unfolding very much in the here and now. Dreaming Lhasa is the first film to capture both the majesty of Tibetan Buddhist culture and the complexity of its ties to the outside world."- Cameron Bailey, Toronto International Film Festival


"The beauty and lyricism of this film is transformative, evoking the splendour of nature and humanity in metaphysical, historical and culturally specific terms."- Tammy Stone, The Festival Daily, Toronto