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Fields of Devotion

Director - Dena Seidel
Run Time - 30 minutes
Language - English
Format - Digital
Year - 2022
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Agriculture, Business, Culinary Arts & Sciences, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Labor Studies, New Releases, Science, Technology

Institutional DVD Price: $125

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Across America, small family farms are racing against climate change. Unpredictable weather and new diseases are destroying the very crops they depend upon. In New Jersey, when a devastating disease wipes out farmers' fields, growers turn to scientists for help. Fields of Devotion follows the unique relationship between farmers and scientists as they work together over a decade to develop disease and climate resistant food crops.

Told from the perspective of the farmers and scientists in the field, Fields of Devotion shares the detailed plant breeding steps for developing disease resistant food crops and the resulting new varieties of plants now desired across the nation. Fields of Devotion is a science-in-action journey that is an ideal addition to Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Genetics, Food Systems and Agriculture curriculum.

WINNER! Best Climate Film at the New York Science & Nature Film Festival

Director: Dena Seidel
Producer: Xenia Morin
Music: Mark Orton
Cinematography: Micah Seidel