Le Grand Role


Director - Steve Suissa
Run Time - 89 minutes
Language - English
Format - 35mm
Year - 2003
Genre - Jewish Interests
Maurice, Sami, Simon, Elie and Edouard are still unknown actors despite their late thirties. But one day, Grinchenberg, the famous American director, comes to Paris looking for the lead role in his Yiddish adaptation of the Merchant of Venice. Maurice gets the part! It is the major breakthrough he has been waiting for. He rushes home to proudly announce the big news to his wife Perla. But Perla also has news for him: she is very ill… Unfortunately, the part eventually goes to a famous American star. Maurice doesn’t have the heart to tell Perla…
With his friends’ help, he will go all the way to make his wife believe that he still has the part, and will end up playing the role of his life to protect her.

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