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Director- Michael Kloft
Run Time - 52 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2010
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Jewish Studies, World War II


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Born into a Bavarian bourgeois family, Heinrich Himmler became the driving force behind the indescribable crimes that mde the Naze regime so unique in modern history.  An early henchman of Hitler’s, Himmler turned a small gang of things into a monstrous pseudo-religious order and widely feared instrument of terror – the SS.


As a compliant servant to his Führer, Himmler controlled an economic empire in which hundreds of thousands of slave workers were exploited and extermination camps murdered millions.  Using rare archival materials and interviews, this film biography shows how – and why – Himmler became a “monster of history.”



Effectively combines archival footage and rare photographs with expert commentary…A well-made and informative documentary, this is recommended.” - P. Hall, Video Librarian