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Director - Jacques Sarasin
Run Time - 77 minutes + bonus material
Language - French w/English subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 2004
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest - Africa, Music, Performance


Institutional DVD Price: $195




In the sixties, the people of Mali awoke each morning to the sound of Boubacar "KarKar" Traoré's voice on the radio, singing of independence. But KarKar, like his native country, fell on hard times. After being rediscovered in France, KarKar returns to his native Mali and tells his story in song.


Featuring the music of Boubacar Traoré, Ali Farka Touré, archival footage and interviews with friends and acquaintances of Boubacar, I'll Sing For You is "a lovely, lyrical tribute to Boubacar Traoré...a poignant, finally joyous experience." (Film Society of Lincoln Center)


"As beautiful to listen to as it is to watch."- New York Newsday


"Hypnotically beautiful! A generous serving of music, fantastic photos and newsreels, and vibrantly filmed footage of modern-day Mali."- L.A. Weekly


"An exceptional odyssey through the geography both of a country and of the human soul. it seems to be over in no time at all, leaving you wanting to watch it all over again."- Rhythm Magazine