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American Women in the Spanish Civil War


Director- Julia Newman
Run Time - 58 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD, color/b&w
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Biographies/Profiles, History (World), Women’s Studies, World War II


Institutional DVD Price: $125


Spain, 1936: right-wing military officers led by General Franco (and supported by Hitler and Mussolini) attempt to overthrow the newly elected, democratic government. In response, nearly 80 American women joined the Good Fight- volunteering, in defiance of the US government, to help fight the Fascists in what would become the Spanish Civil War.


In this enthralling, meticulously researched documentary, 16 of these brave and idealistic nurses, writers and journalists share stories of courage and commitment to a just cause. Weaving archival materials with words from the likes of Dorothy Parker and Eleanor Roosevelt, “their heroism leaves Hemingway’s romantic notions of this war in the dust.”(from High Falls Film Festival)


"Hemingway, Dos Passos, Orwell, and other famous men have related their experiences during the Spanish Civil War. Now we hear from some considerably less-known women, and their stories are vivid and moving!"
- Seattle Weekly


"Riveting.... reveals a history our history books deliberately forget." - Monthly Review