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Director - Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel
Run Time -  100 minutes
Language - Italian w/English Subtitles
Format - DVD-R
Year - 2009
Genre - Foreign Drama
Educational Interest- Cinema Studies, Family Relations

Institutional DVD Price: $195


Steeped in the neorealist tradition of Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica, Little Girl is a captivating tale of people at the margins of society who open their hearts to a stranger.


In a run-down park on the outskirts of Rome, a two year-old girl is discovered and taken in by a family of hard-luck circus performers. A note in the child's pocket from a desperate mother reveals little about who she is or why she was left. As the bond grows between the girl and her surrogate family, this naturalistic drama becomes a revealing and soulful portrait of courage and discrimination, and of loss and togetherness.


"A gem...most impressive. Asia Crippa's riveting presence melts not only the characters' but viewers' hearts as well." - Hollywood Reporter