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Director - Barbara F. Freed
Run Time - 67 minutes
Language - English and French w/English Subtitles
Format - DVD, color
Year - 2003
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Art, Biographies/Profiles, Cultural Studies, France


Institutional DVD Price: $125



A warm and richly painted portrait of the little known and tender relationship between one of the twentieth century's greatest artists, Henri Matisse, and the woman who inspired him to create what Matisse proclaimed the masterpiece of his life's work: The Chapel of the Rosary in the French Mediterranean village of Vence.


This lovely film documents the story's personal and historic aspects, presenting Matisse's never-before filmed hand-painted gouaches and fabrics as well as a rich collection of photographs and archival footage of the aged Matisse working on the Chapel's ceramics.


"One of the great love affairs of art history is that between Henri Matisse and Sister Jacques-Marie, consummated in the creation of the Rosary Chapel in Vence. As lightfilled as the tiny chapel – a jewel box of the spirit – A Model for Matisse is an act of veneration, much like the making of the chapel." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Matisse's art sparkles in its splendor!" - La Presse