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Director - Derek Hayes
Run Time - 30 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1994
Genre - Animation

Educational Interest- Animated Films, Cinema Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $95




Based on Babette Cole's bestselling book from the Executive Producer of The Snowman and Father Christmas.

Poor Prince Cinders: he's stuck at home doing the laundry and housework while his three mean, macho brothers live it up around town. But when the Prince's magical godmother (who's unfortunately still a student at fairy school) offers to turn Cinders into the He-man of his dreams, things go hilariously wrong. Instead of being made into a 'Swhwarzenegger,' he's mistakenly turned into a gigantic, hairy ape!



"Fabulously funny animation! Prince Cinders is a hilarious contemporary spin on the Cinderella fairy tale!"
- The Birmingham Post