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Director - Brian Moser
Run Time - 80 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD, color/b&w
Year - 1985
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Biographies/Profiles, History (World), Justice, Law & Legal Studies, World War II


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Josef Mengele, the ‘Angel of Death,’ was the most notorious SS doctor at Auschwitz. He sent hundreds of thousands of Jews to their deaths and performed appalling experiments on adults and children. After the end of World War II, Mengele was one of the world’s most wanted war criminals – yet for the next forty years he escaped justice.


Narrated and co-written by world-famous TV legend David Frost, The Search for Mengele traces Mengele’s escape through Germany to Italy, then to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where he finally met his end. It examines Mengele’s life through the eyes of those who knew him, revealing how the infamous Nazi doctor lived out his last years, hiding out (in perverse irony) in a multi-racial society. And it confronts the fact that to simply dismiss Mengele as a solitary monster may be too convenient. Was Mengele alone responsible, or was he the product of a warped system of values? Can this dark moment in human history be repeated in the future? Why was he never caught?


Filmed in ten countries including Germany, Israel, Poland and Brazil and featuring numerous interviews and photographs of Mengele through the years, this astonishing, disturbing film to answers these questions by uncovering not only Mengele’s life and crimes, but also the complicity of those that allowed him to escape justice. In the words of Rolf Mengele, who discovered one day that his ‘Uncle Fritz’ was in fact his father, “if they really wanted to get him, they could have.”


"Minces no words. The interviews – with his son Rolf, historians, journalists, sympathizers, and members of Israeli intelligence – provide authenticity to this strong documentary." - The New York Times