Silent Waters


Director - Sabiha Sumar
Run Time - 95minutes
Language - Punjabi with English Subtitles
Format - 35 mm
Year - 2003
Genre - Foreign
Silent Waters is set in 1979 in Pakistan, when General Zia-ul-Haq took control of the country and stoked the fires of Islamic nationalism. Ayesha, a Muslim woman who gets by on her late husband’s pension and by teaching young girls the Koran, invests her hopes in her beloved son Saleem. But when Saleem takes up with a group of Islamic fundamentalists just as a group of Sikh pilgrims come to town, Ayesha’s haunted past turns her present life upside down.

• Silent Waters will play on June 19 at the ImaginAsian Theatre, NYC at 12 pm followed by a discussion with the director.

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