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Director - Ross McElwee
Run Time - 117 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1993
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest - American Studies, Biographies/Profiles,
Cinema Studies


Time Indefinite is available as part of The Ross McElwee DVD Collection.




Ross McElwee, Charleen Swansea, and several other memorable characters you met in Sherman's March invite you to pick up their story in Time Indefinite, McElwee's hilariously profound sequel to his much-beloved, critically acclaimed hit. When McElwee announces at the family gathering in South Carolina that he's going to marry a nice Jewish girl from Boston, the results are memorable. A series of unexpected bumps along life's road add a poignant, wistful quality to McElwee's chronicle.

"The best film of the year! Glorious! A sequel that eclipses his cult hit Sherman's March. Profoundly stirring, bittersweet and uplifting!" - Washington Post

"Enthralling, triumphal! The movie's visual appetite for life conveys a sensuous appreciation of the physical world. A rich and compelling cinematic experience!" - New York Times