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Director- Leslie Sullivan
Run Time - 54 minutes + bonus materials
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2004
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- American Studies, Biographies/Profiles


Institutional DVD Price: $195


In an era when Dick, Jane, and discipline ruled America’s schools, Albert Cullum allowed Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Shaw to reign in his fifth grade public school classroom. Through the use of poetry, drama and imaginative play, Cullum championed an unorthodox educational philosophy that spoke directly to his students’ needs. Many of Cullum’s projects were recorded on film by then novice filmmaker Robert Downey, Sr. Weaving stunning black and white footage and rare archival television broadcasts together with interviews of Cullum and his former students, this is a portrait of a maverick teacher who transformed a generation of young people by enabling them to discover their own inner greatness.

WINNER! Best Documentary: Hampton's Film Festival
WINNER! Audience Award for Best Documentary: Denver Int'l Film Festival


"Unusually moving with an authenticity that is rare."- Howard Gardner, award-winning author and educator


"Shows what extraordinary things can happen (with) a visionary child advocate like Albert Cullum."
- Cleveland Plain Dealer


"If I were Secretary of Education, I'd order 3.5 million copies of the new documentary A Touch of Greatnes, and send them to every teacher, principal and PTA president in United States." - Bruce Kluger, USA Today