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Director - Henry-Alex Rubin & Jeremy Workman
Run Time - 84 minutes + bonus materials
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1997/2007
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest - Cinema Studies, Women's Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Genius? Fraud? Egomaniac? Maverick?
Hailed by some as a cinematic genius, a feminist voice and a true maverick of American cinema, dismissed by others as a voyeuristic, egomaniacal fraud and the "world's worst director," Henry Jaglom obsessively confuses and abuses the line between life and art.

Featuring scores of interviews (with notables including Orson Welles, Dennis Hopper, Milos Forman and Peter Bogdanovich) and behind-the-scenes footage, this hilarious documentary about the director of such films as Hollywood Dreams, Festival in Cannes, Eating and Babyfever has grown into an underground cult hit.

With: Orson Welles, Candice Bergen, Dennis Hopper, Karen Black, Milos Forman, Louis Malle, Andrea Marcovicci, Martha Plimpton, Sally Kellerman, Peter Bogdanovich, Bob Rafelson, and John Landis.

New Bonus Film Included: “Who Isn't Henry Jaglom?”: Henry Jaglom Looks Back at "Who is Henry Jaglom?"”



"Funny and fast-paced!" -New York Times


"A fascinating firecracker of a movie!" -Dallas Observer


"Neutral is about the only response you won’t have!" -St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"A film even Jaglom haters can love!" -New York Post