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Praise for 56 UP

"CRITIC’S CHOICE! As emotionally powerful as ever." - New York Magazine

"CRITIC'S PICK! Remarkable, poignant, fascinating. An analogous project in print or even still photographs wouldn’t be as powerful, because what gives the “Up” series its punch is not so much its longevity or the human spectacle it offers, but that these are moving images of touchingly vibrant lives at certain moments in time and space. The more you watch, the more the movies transform from mirrors into memory machines, ones that inevitably summon reflections of your own life." - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"Awe-inducing. Apted has created a series of films as profound as they are straightforward: here is a chronicle of real human souls evolving in real time, a longitudinal study unique to the medium of moving images — and a documentary masterpiece.  With each passing calendar leap, the experience of watching has only become more soul-stirring.  Grade: A." -Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"To see '56 Up' is to be reunited with an old friend. Make that 13 old friends, together again for a documentary project the likes of which the world has never seen...a matchless portrait of our time.  A singular film...such a privilege to be able to watch Apted's project as it continues to unfold." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

" A stellar exercise in long-game documentary storytelling."
-David Fear, Time Out NY

" How this extraordinary series chronicles, every seven years, the living of ordinary lives is mesmerizing." - Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

"An enjoyable, provocative and entertaining look into being human, aging, and how different our lives can turn out from how we imagined." - Emily Kirkpatrick, Paste Magazine

"‘56 Up” is as good a point as any to get hooked on the magnificent half-century series of documentaries, beginning in 1964 with “7 Up,” that has explored the lives of a group of British citizens with a level of depth and insight unheard of in this medium — or perhaps any." -Kyle Smith, New York Post

"Apted is doing something utterly unprecedented...feels downright Proustian in its emotional depth." - Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

"The most ambitious documentary project yet filmed. Collectively, they’re a fascinating exercise in voyeurism that predates the voyeurism age, and they’re a rich portrait of how individual lives progress, and how age shapes expectations and experience."
-Tasha Robinson, Onion AV Club

"One of the most fascinating experiments in all cinema…with each new installment the series arguably grows more important." - J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

Watch CBS Sunday Morning’s cover story on Michael Apted and the UP Series here.

Praise for THE UP SERIES

"THE UP SERIES is on my list of the ten greatest films of all time!" - Roger Ebert

"Amazing. . . the spectacle, as in time-lapse photography, of human beings taking shape before our eyes." - Molly Haskell, Vogue

"One of the towering achievements in the history of documentary film."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Possibly the most exciting use of the documentary medium ever!"- New York Daily News

"One of the most rewarding and uplifting programs I’ve ever seen. It makes you feel better about the human race." - London Sunday Times

"Wondrous, astonishing! Unforgettable great drama! Like old acquaintances we can't wait to see again, to find out what has happened to them." - The New Yorker

" A masterpiece! Documentaries don't get much better than this."
- The New York Post

"Imagine watching someone morph from age 7 to 49 before your eyes. Extraordinary and surprising!" - Entertainment Weekly

"Powerful and poignant!" - Time Magazine

"Apted gives us the rare thrill seeing people change, both physically and otherwise, from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood." - SF Weekly

"Clearly the most remarkable nonfiction film project in the history of the medium.
I recommend it without reservation!"
- New York Observer