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Bertrand Normand was born in 1972. Before devoting himself to film, he studied management at EAP, l’Ecole Europeenne des Affaires, in Paris, Oxford and Berlin. After a year and a half he left for the Philippines to do his military service as audio-visual attaché to the Ambassador of France.

At age 25, he attended the Vancouver Film School in Canada where he directed his first films. When he returned to France, he studied at the Studio Jack Garfein.

Normand has directed two short films, LE GENIE DE L'ASPIRATEUR and L'ILLUSION, in which he held one of the main roles, and AMOROUSLY, as well as three documentaries, MENTEURS, THAMANYA, UN ESPOIR POUR LA BIRMANIE, and BALLERINA, which was shot in Canada, Burma and Russia.

He's currently working on a new documentary on the historical reconstructions of the Napoleonic era in Russia, SOLDATS DE L'EMPEREUR, and is beginning work on a new short film, LA VOIX. Additionally, he has written two feature length film scripts.

Normand occasionally works on films other than his own. He was the Production Assistant on Ildiko Enyedi's SIMON LE MAGE, and second team director and artistic advisor on Cedric Klapisch's LES POUPEES RUSSES.