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"A vital, eye-opening portrait. Georgia-Pacific and its owners, Koch Industries, are taken to the proverbial woodshed in the trenchant, disturbing documentary. Powerful."- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"A film like this could literally save lives." - Sundance TV

"Infuriating." - The Hollywood Reporter

"An eye-opener." - Reviews by Amos Lassen

"An important contribution to this very topical issue." - Wolf Entertainment Guide

"Reveals mind-boggling injustice" - This Week in New York

"'Quiet tragedy' of an Arkansas community vs the Kochs." - The Guardian

"Makes a powerful case for enforcing federal and state environmental regulations more stringently than they have been at the G-P mill, whose smokestacks, as ominously picturesque as they are plain ugly, keep on billowing potentially deadly gas into the lives and lungs of innocent people." - Film Journal International