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Praise for Kief Davidson & Richard Ladkani’s

One of the Village Voice & New York Daily News top picks of the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival
{WINNER- Tribeca Film Festival - Emerging Filmmaker Special Mention}
{WINNER- Hot Docs Film Festival - FIPRESCI Award & Best International Documentary - Honorable Mention}
{WINNER- Chicago Film festival - Silver Hugo Award- Best Documentary}
{WINNER- Woodstock Film Festival - Best Documentary}
{WINNER San Diego Latino Film Festival - Best Documentary}

“Artistic magic, breathtaking! A stunning portrait of the Vargas brothers, their world, and the spiritual beliefs that shape their lives.” - Entertainment Weekly

“A study in courage unforgettable journey through hell under the earth, where Satan
is worshipped as king. Straight-as-an-arrow filmmaking raises this docu above the
crowd...exceptionally beautiful.” -Variety

“Fascinating, powerful...brilliantly portrays (Basilio and Bernadino’s) claustrophobia and
trepidation, moving through tight, candle-lit tunnels as they run to avoid passing carts, lifting up
their awed faces as they listen for hazardous blasts and staring at the eyes of the devil.”
-DOX Documentary Film Magazine

“The world so beautifully photographed in “The Devil’s Miner” – with its festivals,
folkloric dances and folk art devils – seems conjured from the magic realism of Gabriel
Garcia Marquez, except for the unbelievably harsh odds facing the boy miners who
narrate the tale.” -L.A. Times

“It’s obvious that the talented filmmakers have absorbed their Bunuel...Kudos to the
filmmakers, who risked their own bring Basilio’s remarkable story to the world.
Somehow, The Devil’s Miner is also formally beautiful, a work of cinema, why our jury
unanimously awarded it with our FIPRESCI prize.”
-International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

“Fascinating and gripping...Richard Ladkani’s cinematography is breathtaking, a real
achievement.” -New York Cool