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Praise for Mark Kitchell's A FIERCE GREEN FIRE

"Powerful...stirring...startling.  A worthy reminder of how much has been done to help heal our planet's ecological woes as well as how much remains to be achieved."
-Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"A sweeping history of the environmental movement, 'A Fierce Green Fire' is both a cautionary tale and a triumphant one. Some of the individual stories are truly riveting."
-Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post

"Winningly spans the broad scope of environmental history… connecting its origins with the variety of issues still challenging society today." - Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

"Melding history, science, and up-to-the-minute urgency, “A Fierce Green Fire” is a clarion call that’s passionate and provocative." - Boston Globe

"Mark Kitchell’s wide-ranging yet compelling film showcases a rare and cogent macro-portrait skill unmatched in the arena of this topic since the Oscar-winning 'An Inconvenient Truth.'  Essential viewing for those with a social conscience, and an interest in where we’ve been and where we’re going in the struggle for a better, sustainable world."
-Brent Simon, Shockya.com

"Rousing...the most ambitious environmental documentary since 'An Inconvenient Truth' tries to make the case that we just might win.  Noggin-shaking historical truths...jabs you in the heart." -Michael Roberts, Outside Magazine

"Rarely do environmental-themed films come with the ambitious scope of ‘A Fierce Green Fire’… which aims at nothing less than the history of environmentalism itself."
- Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

"Brilliant! Should be assigned viewing for all of us, especially those political leaders currently manning the helm of spaceship earth." - Jay Meehan, Park Record

"BEST OF SUNDANCE! Inspiring." - Mina Hochberg, Outside Magazine "Best of Sundance"

"Cogent and prophetic, 'A Fierce Green Fire' admirably conveys the love and the passion of many heroic individuals and groups towards the Earth and their efforts to keep her alive and flourishing. This well-done documentary inspires us to carry on and expand their important work." -Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice Magazine

"You won't be able to go back to business-as-usual after seeing this hell-raising documentary." -Alternet

"One of the most beautiful documentaries to come out of the environmental movement."
- James van Maanen, Trust Movies

"An intelligent and dramatically compelling history…much of the film came as a revelation…" - Unrepentant Marxist