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Praise for Lutz Hachmesiter and Michael Kloft’s


“In their fascinating documentary The Goebbels Experiment, the director and writer Lutz Hachmeister and
the writer Michael Kloft provide a rare and chilling glimpse into a brilliant but toxic mind... At a time
when much of our news and entertainment media is controlled by a handful of corporations, The Goebbels
Experiment is a cautionary reminder that equal access to the machinery of ideas may be society's most
critical goal.” –New York Times

“Seeing what Hitler's propaganda minister saw, hearing only his diary entries and what he heard, we
effectively live inside the monster's head...visceral, powerful!” –New York Post

“Fascinatingly repellent character study of the Third Reich’s most visionary and psycho propagandist.
Brilliantly edited for drama and irony, The Goebbels Experiment juxtaposes little-seen German propaganda
films with excerpts from Goebbels’ diary ... bears eloquent testimony to the horrors of unbending principle
hitched to overweening self-regard.” –LA Weekly

“A fascinating, veritable self-portrait, masterfully culled from a trove of archival materials.” –LA Times

“A well-chosen selection of pictures and archival footage, plus some modern sequences in color, concisely
sketch the history of Germany during the 21 years Goebbels continuously kept a diary (1924-45).” –Variety

“Informative and illuminating.” –Christian Science Monitor

“Briskly edited, revealing.” –Village Voice

“A unique, delicately pieced-together documentary... startling images of the Nazi party convey the
significance of an individual who once had the broadcasting world at his fingertips.” –The Boston Herald

“Weirdly enthralling film of excerpts from Goebbels's diaries.” –Boston Globe

“Gripping...a frightening, fascinating portrait... Expertly narrated by Kenneth Branagh, The Goebbels
Experiment is an intriguing and chilling historical study as well as a timely warning about the terrifying
place a controlled media can lead a needy and desperate people.” – New York Cool

“A wealth of footage from Goebbels prodigious speeches along with incredible footage from inside
Germany during the war.... a priceless document of one of Nazi Germany’s cruelest and most effective
architects.” –Cole Smithey

“A bracing collection of still photographs and archival footage ... reveals itself as a rivetingly experimental
evocation of the Nazi rise to power.” – Slant Magazine

“Excellent...filmmaker Lutz Hachmeister used previously unseen footage to give a sense of the world that
Goebbels & Co. ran.” –Bright Lights Film Journal

“A very compelling documentary about a very dark figure in World History.” –NYC Movie Guru

“A fascinating film.”

“Intimate look at Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's infamous Propaganda Minister.”- Boxoffice