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Forgiving Dr. Mengele

A film by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh

2005, Video, 80 minutes


Could you forgive a war criminal? Eva Kor did.

FORGIVING DR. MENGELE is a story of a shocking act of forgiveness by Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor, who along with her twin sister, Miriam, were victims of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele’s cruel genetic experiments—an experience that would haunt them their entire lives. Eva’s metamorphosis from embittered survivor to tireless advocate for reconciliation is sparked when she, in an attempt to get information about the experiments, meets with another former Auschwitz doctor. Her ideas about justice, revenge and the possibility of healing through forgiveness—as well as the passionate opposition from other survivors—become a window to a larger discussion of the many ways people define forgiveness.