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Praise for Micki Dickoff and Tony Pagano's NESHOBA

"Fascinating and troubling… history is richly present in Neshoba, (yet) it is not only of historical interest. It was a Mississippi writer, after all, who observed that ‘the past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.’ This film is a document of hope, progress and idealism but also a reminder that the deep springs of bigotry and violence that fed a long, vicious campaign of domestic terrorism have not dried up." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"Potent…Riveting!" - Dennis Harvey, Variety

! "Neshoba reopens the debate: How was this allowed to happen? How do we move forward? Some questions, this compelling movie reminds us, still require answers."
-S. James Snyder, Time Out New York

CRITICS’ PICK! "Seriously disturbing…gains raw power thanks to unrepentant racist Edgar Ray Killen’s unlikely cooperation with the film." - New York Magazine

"A film about fiery passions and murderous deeds that is disturbing in ways that go beyond what might be expected." -Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Masterful!" - Ernest Hardy, The Village Voice

"Fascinating!" - Kelly Vance, East Bay Express

"Provides a fresh perspective on history." - Nora Lee Mandel, Film Forward

! "Reveals that although many have belatedly come to embrace the notion of universal brotherhood, some still remain inveterate racists willing to go their graves waving the flag of intolerance." - Kam Williams, Newsblaze

"Incredibly effective at showing how a small town gets past its history of racism and senseless violence." - Josh Kurp, Encore Magazine

"Alarming…fascinating and so effective." - Cynthia Fuchs, Popmatters

“The filmmakers provide not just a thorough context, but paint a picture of a county frozen in time… Like a sociological forensics team working on a cold case, they spotlight intriguing clues." - Lauren Wissot, Slant Magazine

"A must-see for anyone concerned with the state of tolerance in the U.S. … a terrific blend of historical, ethnological, legal, human rights watch and biographical portrait film."
- Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

"A stunning up-close-and-personal look at Killen, as well as many other seminal figures of that 1964 event. It’s something that anyone interested in American history should see."
- Debra Kaufman, Studio Daily

"Gripping and thanks to remarkable access Killen granted to the filmmakers, a cautionary tale about apostles of “states’ rights” as a perverted form of liberty."
-George Robinson, The Jewish Week

"Gut wrenching…fascinates and disturbs." - James van Maanen, Trustmovies

“Peels back the layers of simmering rage and blinding denial that linger in Neshoba County, Miss. It's a patient film, full of disparate voices, and it captures the process of justice in action. Just as important, it digs deep into the question of how wildly different sectors of the community view that process." -Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

"Grim evidence that many of the same racist sentiments in place since the nation’s inception remain firmly entrenched…unquestionably valuable  for bringing increased awareness to this shameful moment in history." -Alex Roberts, TV Soundoff

"Gripping!"  - Eleanor J. Bader, The Indypendent

"Profound!"  - Diane Saenger, Review Express

"Riveting!" - Brian Jones, Socialist Worker

"An unflinching look at ordinary citizens struggling to find peace with their town’s violent, racist past in today’s America." - Don Thomas, The New York Beacon