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Praise for Jeanne LaBrune's SPECIAL TREATMENT

"Mesmerizing French star Isabelle Huppert, with a history of playing sexually transgressive women, is at it again. You can't take your eyes off her." -Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"A memorable journey, with exquisitely drawn characters and a tremendous cast, that blends satire, melancholy and romance in unlikely but delicious fashion."
- Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

" Huppert has succeeded once again." -Roger Ebert

"Writer-director Jeanne Labrune affords Isabelle Huppert, arguably the finest French screen actress of her generation, yet another splendid role in the complex, compassionate and endlessly illuminating 'Special Treatment'…Impressive." -Kevin Thomas, LA Times

"A crafty French import…precise, clever." - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

"Smart, witty, entertaining!" - San Francisco Examiner

"Huppert is astonishing. Her abandon and willingness to try anything give the movie a bracing unpredictability." -Patrick McGavin, Time Out Chicago

"Fans of Isabelle Huppert will want to catch the film for her performance."
- Richard Propes, Independent Critic

"Brazenly provocative…Huppert is always a pleasure on screen."
- Alison Willmore, The Onion AV Club

"Does any serious filmgoer or acting aficionado want to bypass a film starring Isabelle Huppert?" - Doris Toumarkine, Film Journal

"A wry erotic romp." -Kam Williams, Sly Fox Film Reviews

"Sophicticated, intriguing...another striking role for Isabelle Huppert."
-William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

"Darkly entertaining!" -Tracy Quan, The Daily Beast