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Don McCarthy was 20 years old on D-Day, when his infantry division landed on Omaha Beach. Don and the other veterans who survived D-Day will someday soon have passed into memory and legend. This realization inspires 20-year-old filmmaker Charlotte Juergens to join Don and seven other D-day vets on a journey to France - a commemorative pilgrimage to Omaha Beach for the 70th anniversary of the invasion.

The vets come to see Charlotte as a granddaughter, trusting her with their stories as they confront the trauma that still haunts them 70 years after the war. In capturing their lives, Charlotte's film offers a new, intergenerational perspective on D-Day, presenting the memories of 90-year-old combat veterans through the eyes of a 20-year-old woman.

"Juergens’ filmmaking style is classic cinema verite: the cinema of truth. There is no artifice. There are no special effects. She’s never intrusive. She holds her camera at a soft angle. She lets her subjects control what the lens and in-camera microphone will discover. Their faces are iconic." -Niagara Gazette

"Sunken Roads brings a hugely personal touch to such a massive moment in history. It is, at times, a very emotional watch. Juergens’ friendly, non-invasive approach works so well in encouraging the likes of Dan, Hal and Arden to truly open up and share their stories. Stories which – owing the ages of those recalling them – need to be documented and shared before they become lost to the chemin creux." -JumpCut (UK)

"Extremely well-edited and briskly paced, Sunken Roads is an unconventional war documentary, and all the better for its verite approach, which offers a retelling of a history-changing event that is highly personal, often touching and replete with insights into the realities of battle and the true cost of war." -Jim Schembri, Journalist, Critic & Author

Director - Charlotte Juergens
Run Time - 94 minutes
Language - English & French w/ English subtitles
Format - DCP & Blu Ray
Year - 2019
Genre - Documentary

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