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UNBORN IN THE USA:  Inside the War on Abortion 

A film by Stephen Fell and Will Thompson

105 minutes, Video, Color


“We are there as history is unfolding before us.  It’s the purest form of the documentary medium.” - Brian Huberman, author Documentary Production

“CRITIC'S CHOICE! Whatever your views on need to hear the subjects of this film, if only to be able to fight them more effectively.” - David Edelstein, New York Magazine

A revealing and provocative look into the deep secrets and deep pockets of the pro-life movement, UNBORN IN THE USA: Inside the War on Abortion weaves a riveting story from more than 70 exclusive interviews with pro-life activists and seldom-seen archival footage to document one of the most controversial social movements in American history. Filmmakers Stephen Fell and Will Thompson gained unprecedented access to pro-life groups, movement icons, fundraising machines, and even university students being specially groomed to carry the pro-life message for college credit, traveling across 35 states to bring us this eye-opening, often startling story.