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“Crammed with colorful interviews, digital animation and live performances, this frisky and forthright film by Dean Budnick chronicles a vision of financing social progress with really
great tunes.”
- Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times

“Lively, anecdotal reminiscences, plentiful photographs and archival mementos bear keen witness to the wide spectrum of music that found a forum at Wetlands…grungy splendor.”
- Ronny Scheib, Variety

A funny and heartfelt tribute to a legendary New York rock club... inventive, first-rate…
a fond and funny family album for anybody who ever spent a sweaty night there, and it conjures just enough of the place and time to give everybody else an idea of what they missed.”
- Jürgen Fauth,

“Tells the story of a groundbreaking club with intelligence, spirit, great music and love.”
 - Woodstock Times

“Portrays a critical moment in recent music history, and is a tribute to a club that closed prematurely on September 10, 2001.” - Indiewire (Read the indieWIRE interview)

“A charged psychedelic flair that proves as visually inventive as it is spiritually soothing … the lingering feeling of the film is one of infectious motivation.” - Rob Humanick, Slant

“A fitting tribute to those intrepid souls who dared to try to carve out an altruistic utopian escape right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a most materialistic metropolis."
- Kam Williams, News Blaze

“Budnick entertainingly builds a convincing case for the club’s significance.”
- Nora Lee Mandel, Film Forward

“Comprehensive look at the venerable club … very entertaining …If you have ever spent any time in the club or a fan of some of the bands, you'll want to check out this doc."

“Watching Wetlands Preserved, it’s hard not to appreciate the idealism and unbridled optimism of an activist nightclub that survived in New York City for more than 10 years before being beaten down by the one-two-three punch of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, rampant gentrification and the collapse of the twin towers.” -Austin Chronicle

Wetlands Preserved tells a fascinating story and shows a unique perspective of New York City. . . Offers insight that might resonate with anyone who has a soft spot for the girders, grime and grooves that lie at the core of life in the Big Apple.” -Poughkeepsie Journal

The 90-minute documentary digs into the intriguing elements of what made the Wetlands unlike any other bar, club or music hall.” -Asheville Citizen-Times

Wetlands garnered a reputation as a hippie haven in some media, but the distinction was far too limited for the true range of the club’s shows. The documentary portrays founder Bloch as a club owner with the purest of intentions- the music. And improv of all kinds, be it hip-hop, punk, ska or jam bands, flourished.” - Summit Daily News (Breckenridge, CO)