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That Way Madness Lies
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The Second Time Around
November 2018
ArrowForbes Magazine explores the Big Issues Facing Fashion, and talks to Shraysi Tandon about Invisible Hands.
ArrowHow does a family cope when one member develops a major mental illness? Read more in Psychology Today on That Way Madness Lies.
ArrowRead an interview with Toby Perl Freilich (co-director of Moyhinan) in FF2 Media.
ArrowRead the NY Times Op-Ed: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Anti-Trump of American Politics by Sam Roberts.
ArrowAnote's Ark wins Best Feature at the San Francisco Green Film Festival!
ArrowVulture on TVTV: Meet the 1970s Guerillas Who Helped Kickstart DIY Video Comedy.
ArrowHolocaust fading from memory, according to the NY Times. Learn more about our films on the Holocaust.

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