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ArrowFirst Run acquires Koshien: Japan's Field of Dreams. It will premiere at DOC NYC.
ArrowFirst Run takes on Mijie Li's Confucian Dream.
ArrowDoc legend DA Pennebaker passes away at 94. Check out his films Unlocking the Cage and Kings of Pastry.
ArrowRead the Cinephiled interview with Back to the Fatherland filmmakers Gil Levanon and Kat Rohrer.
ArrowRobert Rosenberg revisits the Stonewall era in Time.
ArrowThe Ms. Q&A: What Greta Schiller Learned Making Before Stonewall launches, First Run a founding content partner.
ArrowIDA's Cynthia Close offers an in-depth look at
ArrowArt in America on Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

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