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Praise for Peter Mettler's THE END OF TIME

"A ravishingly beautiful experience… Immersive and hypnotic… Recalling the work of Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog and the late Chris Marker."
Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

" Mind-bending... extraordinary! Few things are as simultaneously terrifying and liberating as the notion of time's relativity-- that it's but a construct to manage endless chaos.  Peter Mettler's ruminative, astounding essay film doesn't just contemplate this notion; it aims to cinematically embody it."- Eric Hynes, Time Out NY

"A mesmerizing, poetic cinematic experience that is wholly unpredictable and endlessly satisfying even when it confounds" - This Week in New York

"Mettler, who shot all of this himself, is a deft director of photography, and the years of globe-trotting that constitute his shoot have yielded much natural beauty. One image in particular, of a lava flow in Hawaii, is one of the most plainly gorgeous things I've seen on film all year." - Calum Marsh, Village Voice

"One of Canada's great cinematic experimentalists returns with a documentary exploring the meaning of time...There is not a hint of the didactic here, but rather pure contemplation, much like Graham Coleman's 1979 masterpiece Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy, which also sought to introduce a timeless, meditative state for viewers." - The Globe and Mail

"Splendiferously trippy!" - Jason Anderson, Cinema Scope

"Peter Mettler's poetic lens has inquired into everything from personal fulfillment (Gambling, Gods and LSD) to the Northern Lights (Picture of Light). Now he's after his most elusive prey yet: the very human concept of time...[The End of Time] is of a piece with Patricio Guzmán's Nostalgia for the Light, a film that similarly finds miraculous unity in seemingly random things." - Peter Howell, Toronto Star

"A form of cinematic meditation ... powerful, moving and sensually ravishing to watch."
- Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

"Watching a Peter Mettler film is no ordinary experience.  You may as well be strapping yourself in place for a ride to through the Milky Way, plunging into the core of a live volcano or simply winessing the inexorable march of an ant colony with their grasshopper prey." - Sandra Bertrand, Highbrow Magazine