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The End of Time
A film by Peter Mettler

114 minutes, documentary, color, 2012
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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Peter Mettler's enthralling, mind-bending new documentary is a tour de force that challenges our conception of time - and perhaps the very fabric of our existence.

With stunning cinematography and a knack for capturing astonishing moments, The End of Time travels the planet - from the CERN particle accelerator outside Geneva to the lava flows of Hawaii; from a disintegrating Detroit where Henry Ford built his first factory to the tree where Buddha was enlightened. Both mind-expanding and eerily familiar, Mettler's provocative film explores the links between renewal and destruction, between primordial mysticism and the furthest reaches of modern science, giving the viewer a transcendent cinematic experience.

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" Mind-bending!" - Time Out New York

"A mesmerizing, poetic cinematic experience that is wholly unpredictable and endlessly satisfying." - This Week in New York

"Recalling the work of Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog and Chris Marker...The End of Time is a ravishingly beautiful experience, immersive and hypnotic." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Mettler is a deft director of photography...one image in particular, of a lava flow in Hawaii, is one of the most plainly gorgeous things I've seen on film all year." - Village Voice

"A form of cinematic meditation...powerful, moving and sensually ravishing to watch."
- Toronto Star


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Disc Features

●  Audio Commentary with Director Peter Mettler
●  Photo Gallery
●  Director Biography

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