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Praise for Edmon Roch's GARBO THE SPY

"Edmon Roch has a great story to tell in Garbo the Spy, and he recounts it with the flair of a Hollywood spy movie: Garbo is dramatic, entertaining, even funny."
- Rachel Saltz, New York Times

"Fascinating!" - Kyle Smith, New York Post

"Ingenious, inventive, magnificent!" - Allen Johnson, SF Chronicle

"Garbo is a gripping spy story told with style, guts and wit. Not only does it play like a thriller, it does so by using the most powerful weapon of the spy: make-believe."
-Alex Gibney, Oscar-Winning Director of Taxi to the Dark Side

"Compelling, poetic!" - Keith Uhlich, Time Out NY

"Garbo the Spy, the best documentary on World War II espionage to be released in cinemas in more than a decade." - Andrew Roberts, The Daily Beast

"Nothing less than fascinating. An extraordinary double agent is at the center of this artful documentary.  Smart, evocative, compelling and fittingly inventive."
- Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

"Unusual and bold...Garcia's story is a doozy!" - Noel Murray, AV Club

"A compelling, gracefully told account of an extraordinary Spanish double agent
who helped change the course of history."
- Jonathan Holland, Variety

"Playfully scrambling documentary tropes, Roch uses judiciously chosen clips from Hollywood films (The Stranger, Patton, and, of course, Mata Hari) to tell the story of real events in which Pujol was involved, and creates a dialogue between the fictions Pujol created to help win the war and the fictions Hollywood created to memorialize that victory." - Karina Longworth, Village Voice

" Wonderfully entertaining...a real life spy thriller. Roch engages his audience fully in the intrigue, creating an aura of suspense and an ambiance of uncertainty even about things that we already know. That's what makes this documentary such a treat."
- Jennifer Merin, About.com

"The most eccentric of spy stories becomes a fascinating exploration of the mysteries of the human heart. With cinematographic brilliance and a masterly use of film archives Edmon Roch illuminates the ingenious deceptions of the 'Man Who Saved the World.'"
-Whit Stillman, Writer-Director of Metropolitan & Barcelona

"The story of World War II spy Juan Pujol Garcia, known to his British handlers as "Garbo," is certainly worth telling." - Mark Jenkins, NPR

"Wildly entertaining…Stop reading this review now and get thee to the cinema! You will not be disappointed!" - Cole Smithey