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Garbo: The Spy
A film by Edmon Roch

93 minutes, documentary, color & b/w, 2009
In English, Spanish & German w/English subtitles

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The Allies called him Garbo. The Nazis dubbed him Alaric. Both sides in World War II were sure Juan Pujol Garcia was their man. In reality, Pujol was a double agent - and his final allegiance was to the Allies.

From the comfort of Lisbon, Garbo fed false information to the Nazis and fabricated a network of phantom agents across Europe. Although he never fired a single shot, Garbo helped to save thousands of lives, most notably by misinforming the Germans about the timing and location of D-Day. In his inexhaustible imagination he even went so far as to secure death benefits from the Nazis for an imaginary agent's nonexistent widow.

In this documentary thriller, director Edmon Roch (producer of Alejandro González Iñárritu's Biutiful) artfully interweaves propaganda footage, interviews with intelligence experts and key players in Garbo's life (as well as with Garbo himself), and clips from Hollywood films to conjure forgotten and living memories, heroes and spies, secrets and lies.

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"One of the year's best documentaries! Ingenious & engrossing." - Roger Ebert

" Magnificent!" - San Francisco Chronicle

"The flair of a Hollywood spy movie: Garbo is dramatic, and entertaining!"
- The New York Times

"A true-life tale of espionage so brazen and crucial to World War II's outcome one marvels that it isn't better known." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Truly extraordinary, the best documentary on World War II espionage in more than a decade." - The Daily Beast


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Official site: www.garbothemovie.com

Disc Features

●  Interview with Intelligence & Espionage Expert Nigel West (32 min.)
●  Sonic Deception: WWII Training Film (27 min.)
●  Original Theatrical Trailer
●  Filmmaker Biography

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