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Praise for Dani Levy’s GO FOR ZUCKER

“It's the rare German movie calling itself a comedy that is actually funny… addresses lingering schisms in German society with audacity …GO FOR ZUCKER spares no one in its ridicule.” –New York Times

“Jewish comedy, in Levy’s version, is now part of the human comedy… Watching the antic inventions of GO FOR ZUCKER, I was moved by the thought that Jews have achieved a kind of Germanness again, and even more moved by the thought that Germans have achieved a kind of Jewishness again.” –The New Yorker

"Brotherly rift creates sweet comedy. . . brings easy laughter and joy.” –Miami Herald

“Funny From the Get-‘Go’ ... amusing screwball comedy... In director and co-writer Dani
Levy's capable hands, Go for Zucker is less a comedy of religious manners than of Cold War
nostalgia on par with 2003's GOOD BYE, LENIN!” –Washington Post

“A gleeful romp of slapstick fun ...hearty, healing comedy.” –Houston Chronicle

“Modern German cinema finally gets its first all-out Jewish laffer laffer in GO FOR ZUCKER, a
pacey, politically incorrect but good-natured entertainment ...Huebchen and Elsner are aces as
the likable gambler and his long-suffering wife." –Variety

“I recommend you GO FOR ZUCKER!” –Boston Phoenix

“Makes fun of everyone and everything it can... Huebchen's born-loser act is priceless.”
–Washington City Paper

“Peppered with wacky spunk and delicate panache that can charm the grizzliest of critics... If
ever there were a comic movie to be made about Judaism, death, love and being kosher, Levy has
gone the distance. ...A breath of fresh air from a country ripe with intensity.” –Boston Herald

“Has American remake written all over it... it deserves its imported rep; rare’s the movie that has
an Orthodox Jew tripping on Ecstasy while getting a massage from a Palestinian prostitute hours
before his mamala’s funeral.” –Dallas Observer

“The first German-Jewish comic film in decades...unashamedly politically incorrect!”
–Daily Telegraph (UK)

“It might be the first funny German movie you’ve ever seen... a funny tale of conflict,
reconciliation and accommodation.” –Dallas Morning News

“A genial comedy for anyone who ever wondered how to become kosher in one day, how
orthodox patriarchs dance and what a retro-East German sex club looks like.” –M¸nchner Abendzeitung