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A Film by Dani Levy

2005, 35mm, 95 minutes, In German w/English Subtitles


“Jewish comedy, in Levy’s version, is now part of the human comedy… Watching the antic inventions of “Go for Zucker,” I was moved by the thought that Jews have achieved a kind of Germanness again, and even more moved by the thought that Germans have achieved a kind of Jewishness again.” - The New Yorker

From the producers of RUN LOLA RUN and GOODBYE LENIN! comes the German box office smash, GO FOR ZUCKER, a film about a comically dysfunctional Jewish family. Mixing slapstick humor with a jaundiced eye for sharply drawn social satire, not to mention a disarming dose of political incorrectness, GO FOR ZUCKER stars Henry Hübchen and Udo Samel as the two estranged brothers -- one a hard-living former East German celebrity sportscaster (Hübchen) now very much down-on-his luck, and the other (Samel), his quasi-Orthodox brother from the West. The two are awkwardly reunited when they learn that in order to share their mother's inheritance they will need to reconcile before burying her according to Jewish custom in her native East Germany.

Said to be the first German-Jewish comedy made in Germany since World War II, Dani Levy's controversial and highly entertaining contemporary farce was one of the most talked-about films in Europe this year and the winner in July of Germany's top film prize. In March The New York Times asserted that GO FOR ZUCKER in depicting German Jews with take-off-the-gloves candor and a comedy style absent from the culture since the Holocaust, was proving to be "an unconventional form of therapy for the strained relations between Jews and gentiles in Germany." The president of the Central Committee of Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel, even encouraged all Germans to see the film, saying "it helps bring Jews and non-Jews back on track to normality."

• WINNER of 6 ‘German Oscars’!
WINNER! Ernst Lubitsch Award for Best German Comedy
NOMINATED for 2 European Film Awards: Best Actor (Henry Huebchen) and Best Screenplay (Dani Levy & Holger Franke)
Opening Night Film: 2005 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Opening Night Film: MOMA's Kino 2005

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